ISC Suspension-NA is proud to announce an addition to our sponsored drivers: Jeremy Lowe! For those who are not familiar with Jeremy, he is a Formula D driver that consistently finished in 29th out of 67 in the Formula D points championship in 2012. Jeremy also placed in the top 32 in 2013. Jeremy has been driving since about 2007 and recently finished his second year in Formula D. While he is active in Formula D he is also very active in the Grass Roots scene in Orlando Florida.  We are proud to be working with Jeremy and Ejunku Racing.  This will be ISC Suspension-NA’s first stateside drifting sponsorship. As many of you are already aware ISC Suspension in Taiwan has been sponsoring drifters for a while now.  All of us here are excited for Jeremy to get a set of our coil-overs and really show us what it’s all about!


Jeremy drives a 1986 Mazda RX7 with a custom 13B-REW Rotary Engine. His modification list is endless and it’s sound is can’t be mistaken for anything other than a high powered rotary. This is something that really peaks our interest because Jeremy continues to use his Rotary Powered car as just that. A rotary powered car. I’m sure many of you know that some people do LS1 swaps and other motor swaps with RX7s, not Jeremy though! He keeps it original with his 13B! We’ve always been fascinated with RX7’s and Rotary Engines and we look forward to working with Jeremy!


Jeremy will be competing all across the country in Formula D 2014. ISC Suspension-NA will be replacing BC Racing on his sponsorship Livery. More info on Jeremy can be found here:

Please visit the Formula D website for more info on what Formula D is all about! Also don’t forget to check out Enjuku Racing, Smashed, and Jeremys other sponsors!!!