Seems like just yesterday I got an email from Kozmic Motorsports in Houston, Texas telling me they beat the top mile speed with a top speed of 193mph, making it the fasted EVO X to date. Well just last weekend the boys at Kozmic did it again. They topped their previous top speed record by 7.8 miles per hour, 200.8MPH!!

Kozmic Motorsports made some strategic changes this year to increase their odds of going even faster than before. The turbo was changed to a Precision T4 single scroll ball bearing 6466 over the HTA82 on the last run. The transmission was tuned up a bit to allow for some serious high revs and high speeds. Aerodynamics was taken care of with an SSP under tray and a custom rear diffuser. Also, some tape over the foglight covers to keep the fender liners from being ripped out by the rushing wind of 200mph passes.

While the interior remained intact (full nav, climate controls, navigation), a 4 point roll cage was added as well as some carbon race seats. You can still take the wife to dinner with ac and sound system, rather quickly Id add. Finally, the tires were swapped out for Pilot Super Streets to give them the appropriate speed rating for their speedy passes.

With some final tuning to 635hp the car was ready to rock and roll.

After teching in Saturday morning Kozmic Motorsports Eric Koester took the wheel to take some pulls. They managed to get 2 passes in the high 180s. Sunday morning was DDay for 200mph. On the first run the Kozmic EVO lined up ready to run. Eric launched and they guys watched as he went down the track. 167 at the half mile. Just seconds later they see the mile speed of 200.8mph!

The car went down the track so fast that the driveshaft snapped at the end of the mile. That’s one way to get it done!

Big Congrats to everyone at Kozmic as they continue to do huge things.