On Saturday ISC Suspension ventured to New England Dragway for MassTuning’s Annual Race Wars event. This event hosted drag racing, a car show, and an autocross event hosted by SCCA. ISC Suspension had vehicles participating in the drag racing, as well as the car show and autocross. We arrived at the event and got our ISF setup in the car show for people to see the tireless effort to get this car as show ready as possible. It looked great, and we setup som promo and an ISC flag to symbolize it’s ISC’s affiliation.


Our new Seibon Carbon Fiber Fenders were looking great on the car, and the SSR CV03s really brought everything together. The ISF has come along way and continues to impress people. We talked to a few people about the car, many people really like it and hope to one day own one. The Lexus ISF stopped production in 2014, so as the years go by the car becomes more and more elusive.

One of the cars that was running ISC coilovers was Kyle Viera’s STi Drag car. The car is fast, and ran a 10.4 which is getting really close to the 9s. Kyle is part of The Subaru Shop run by Jay Perry and Craig. The car is currently on ISC N1 Coilovers and ISC Wheels Spacers. The gold color looks great as a subtle pop next to the silver wheels and huge Hoosier tires!




Kyle had a rough start and snapped an axle at the beginning of the day, but after a quick replacement his car was running with the best of them in the drags.

Our close friend Kevin also ran his GC8 in the drags and autocross. His first race was against one of the Kaizen GTR’s. His car performed great, and while he didn’t beat the GTR, he did run an impressive time.


The rest of the day was filled with the scent of Race Gas, burning rubber, and the loud echos of cars going as fast as possible chasing their numbers. There were bikes, imports, American muscle cars, and even some real drag cars. It was a great event as well all enjoyed it. We’re looking forward to MassTuning’s next event!

Bonus Photos


We even got to see a diesel truck roll coal down the dragway!


The bikes were one of the most epic components of this event. Some we’re hitting the speed trap at over 180 MPH.



There were cars from all walks of life, including some real racers, some stock cars, and even a few Honda drag cars.