It’s time for another brand new ISC product introduction! For the past two years we have been producing various wheel accessories. We started with Subaru and developed our wheel adapters offered in 15 and 25mm that would allow 5×100 bolt pattern Subarus to run the coveted 5×114.3 pattern which is more popular with wheel companies. These wheel adapters went over very well with the Subaru crowd, and from there we began producing wheel spacers. These also went over very well and we began offering wheel spacers for Toyota, Lexus, Mazda, Mitsubishi, and Nissan.

We have moved back to our original roots, and now we are back providing the Subaru community with another product that will save the consumers wallet. Extended wheel studs are popular with track vehicles and provide better strength than traditional oem lugnuts and are an integral part of staying planted to the ground. They are longer, stronger, and the best bang for your buck!


See the official description below:

Aftermarket extended wheel studs are a necessity when it comes to putting big power to the ground or running certain wheel spacers/wheel fitments. ISC now has a solution/ offering for those in need! Our ISC wheel studs are not only stronger than OEM, but they are longer to accommodate almost any spacer/ wheel fitment need! Made from some of the strongest materials available (Grade 12.9) these wheel studs are sold in sets of 5 per package and are an M12x1.25 thread pattern and about 3 inches in length.

These specific wheel studs will accommodate a 1993+ Subaru hub.

Note: If you are looking for a wheel spacer with integrated studs and do not want to remove your OEM studs please view our ISC bolt on wheel spacers and adapters that come with integrated studs, (so you do not have to remove your OEM studs) this listing is for wheel studs only and meant to replace your OEM studs to use with a “traditional” hub centric spacer.


These wheel studs are easy and simple to install, installation steps can be found on our website here:

Grab a set today from our store, our give us a call at 603-715-9078 and we will take care of you!