The company BRZ has made strides suspension wise and handles like a dream. The BRZ is one of the single best handling cars that we have driven, and it is very, very balanced. However, we noticed that the single bottle neck that we were facing was power. This was primarily because we were drifting it. The car is balanced as I said before, and autocross and daily driving the car feel great. To be able to get more elegant and flashy drifts out of the BRZ we knew we would need more power, so we decided to go with some Borla Headers, and a Tanabe Mid pipe to try and up the power of the car.

Both pieces looked great, the quality and finish of the Tanabe pieces and Borla pieces were off the chart.




As you can see the Tanabe mid pipe and Borla headers are much nicer than the oem pieces.



The Borla headers feature a spot of the OEM o2 sensor as well. They also feature two flex pieces in the center of the headers.


The headers were easy to install and bolted on quickly. As you can see above they look nice and mean installed on our Drift Subaru BRZ.


The midpipe was also easy to install with the use of a lift. We already have the Perrin 3 inch Catback so there was no need for an adapter plate.


You can see the finished product here. It’s nice to have a full header back exhaust installed now. The BRZ will now be on it’s way to The Subaru Shop in Tiverton Rhode Island for a tune to bring out the true power that these free flowing exhaust pieces can provide. We got some short video of the exhaust tone and it sure has changed a lot. Take a peek at the video below.