ISC Suspension-NA is proud to announce our partnership with Turn 14! We are very excited to be working with Turn 14 and hope that this will allow us to offer even more people our popular N1 Coilovers.

A little bit about Turn 14 can be read below.

Turn 14 Distribution is a Performance Warehouse Distributor strategically situated 20 miles north of Philadelphia and less than 100 miles from New York City. Regionally, Turn 14 Distribution’s locale boasts the highest population density in the United States with a one-day ground perimeter ranging from Boston to Richmond and including Philadelphia, New York City, Baltimore, Hartford, and Washington DC. Globally, Turn 14 Distribution’s competitive freight rates,’ship to your shop’ flat rate shipping, late shipping cutoff times, and same day in-stock order fulfillment commitment enable us to service customers both across the United States and the world.

Turn 14 Distribution utilizes a strategy that consists of catering to niche vehicle markets along with inventorying our partner manufacturers’ full product lines. Exclusive Turn 14 Distribution promotions ensure that products are marketed efficiently and correctly to each customer’s target audience. Turn 14 Distribution’s online inventory, efficient forecasting, and top-notch Customer Service and Order Processing Departments cut lead times and keep our customers informed. Our goal is to provide our customers the sales, marketing and post-sales support needed to succeed in the modern marketplace.

Turn 14 Distribution has 57 full-time employees whose specialties include sales, sales assistance, marketing, graphic design, logistics, web development, and shipping. Turn 14 Distribution’s Sales and Marketing Departments consist of adept industry veterans with retail and manufacturer level backgrounds who are also enthusiasts. This experience gives a unique perspective on each level of the supply chain, helping Turn 14 Distribution to collaborate with suppliers to assist customers in sales, showroom design, marketing, etc. Sales support comes from our Order Processing and Customer Service departments, who work to provide fast fulfillment, thorough follow-up and updates, and unparalleled support.

Turn 14 Distribution’s data systems offer jobbers the necessary tools and information for a strong competitive edge. From modern warehouse equipment to our advanced network which connects our warehouse, offices, and customers to a wealth of data; we are constantly improving, developing and implementing new systems to better serve our business partners. Our proprietary website offers customers real-time inventory, lead times, order history, and our industry-leading, trade-only, news system. – Taken from Turn 14’s about section of their website.

A time lapse video can also be seen below.