ISC Suspension is dedicated to staying as involved in the drifting community as it can. This year we sponsored the entire New Hampshire Clubloose Chapter, but we also sponsored a drifter named Tyler Nelson in US Drift as well as Brent Collins from Collins Performance in Florida.

Tyler is a drifter from North Carolina and has been driving and drifting for quite a few years now (5+ to be exact). This year he decided to compete in Formula D Pro AM in the US Drift series in an attempt to get his Pro License. Tyler utilizes a Nissan S chassis on ISC N1 coilovers and ISC toe arms. He really pushed himself this season and had quite a few great runs. We plan to continue to work with Tyler into the near future and continue to watch him improve his skills!

Tyler has been in competition motorsports since he was a child. Like many pros, Tyler started in kart racing and gradually moved on to more traditional racing. He also spent some time doing midget asphalt racing and placed first in many events. In 2010 he competed in his first major drift competition judged by Vaughn Gittin Jr and placed third. In 2011 Tyler spent most of his time saving and preparing his car and during that time went back to Kart racing for some competition. He placed 1st during that season in 4 out of the 5 events he raced at.

In 2013 Tyler placed in the top 8th for the Pro AM season and then went back into hiatus to once again spend a year developing his driving techniques and his car. Now in 2015 Tyler is once again competing to win!

Above: Tyler’s video series for Round 1, Round 2, and Round 3 of Pro AM. We look forward to seeing the video for round 4!

Are you a drifter looking for suspension support? We are always looking for competitive drifters to work with! Send over your resume to [email protected]