ISC Suspension coilovers are designed to be able to withstand the harshest environments but without proper preparation for cold temperatures and salt and sand even our coilovers can become seized or frozen. Below is a short list of things that you can do to ensure that your coilovers remain clean and in well prepped for the upcoming winter weather.

1. Anti-seize, anti-seize, anti-seize – ISC Suspension recommends that you anti-seize all collars and shafts on your coilovers. Anti-seize will help prevent collars from seizing up due to salt, rain, and rust. For the winter time is is recommended that you clean your collars and re anti-seize them before driving in inclement weather. Anti-seize on the camber plate bolts will also assist in keeping your coilovers in good condition and prevent stubborn bolts from appearing. ISC also recommends re-greasing your thrust bearings from time to time.

2. Height Adjustment – While ISC can remain lowered thought the wintertime snow buildup and salt can easily make driving a lowered car difficult. ISC recommends that you raise your coilovers in the winter time to assist with this.

3. Tech-wax – ISC recomends that using a tech-wax after anti-seizing and cleaning your collars can assist with buildup and help to keep your coilovers brand new.

4. Removal – While ISCs are designed for the elements a sure fire way to make sure that you keep your coilovers in good condition is to remove them and replace them with your stock suspension. This is a sure fire way to keep them clean depending on what the temperature and weather is in your area. This also gives you ample time to take them off and do a thorough cleaning of your coilovers. If you do remove your coilovers and good rule of thumb is to use all the same steps above to make sure they are prepped for the next season!

At ISC we all stand behind our product and recommend it even throughout the winter months. Being located in New Hampshire we always make sure to properly conduct preventative maintenance  on the products that we have on our own company vehicles.

For any questions of inquiries on keeping your coilovers new please contact us at [email protected], [email protected], or [email protected].

Thank you! And don’t forget to drive safe and enjoy the winter driving!1474430_10201120386992722_149793546_n