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 ISC Drift Team

Heading into the 2016 Drift season and we are excited to announce our drift team! With multiple levels of competition in the drifting community, we are offering different tiers for casual drifters, up and coming, and Professional or Pro Am drivers! After having a ton of fun participating in the Clubloose North events, the ISC  Drift Team was born.

The Benefits of being a part of the ISC Drift Team are based on tier, but include:

Discounts on product

Discounts on service

Free Promotional Items

Social Media Tags

Blog Posts

Non suspension item discounts (assessed on a per part basis)

Positive referrals for other potential sponsorship’s

and much more!

Follow this link if joining the ISC team is something that interests you. We have high hopes that with your driving skills and our products, together we are unstoppable!

Coming soon; ISC Drift Team Driver Profiles!


Proud 2016 official suspension sponsor of Clubloose North

Clubloose North


We are the official suspension sponsor for Clubloose North! Part of this includes uploading high res photos of every drift car during the season! You can access the dropbox below! If you like a specific picture and would like it edited please contact with the image number! Click below for the dropbox, we have a folder for each event of the season, thousands of photo’s to view:

Clubloose North images

Andrew ISC

(photo above, Andrew Wallace- Owner of ISC-NA. Car is also driven by Jorel Challenger and Kyle Shedrick of ISC-NA)

Joel ISC

(photo above, ISC Drift Team, Joel Richards)

Marty ISC

(photo above, ISC Drift Team,  Martin Barret)


Proud 2016 official suspension sponsor of U.S. Drift

U.S. Drift 


 11115702_10152918653127797_4092560354767929504_o (1)

(photo above; ISC Drift Team, Tyler Nelson U.S Drift/Pro 2)





(in photos; ISC Drift Team, Jeremy Lowe Formula Drift)



bob2 bob

(in Photos above; Bob Patinka, ISC Drift Team Formula Drift Canada)

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