Modification List
  • Toxic Detail Performance Turbo kit
  • Custom 3” downpipe/ overpipe matted to a HKS catback
  • IRP solid short shifter kit
  • Neon yellow STi front/ rear brakes
  • Custom DIY front splitter that I can stand on
  • Full flat bottom aero
  • All the ISC suspension parts
  • Satin blue wrap with custom livery designed by myself
  • Custom half cage with Sparco seats/ Takata harnesses
  • Kansei Roku wheels with Toyo R888R tires
I bought my BRZ back in 2013, this was actually the first one that got delivered to my local Subaru dealership. I bought it mostly because no one else at the time had one, and it was going to be my first RWD manual sports car. From then until now I’ve always built the car away from forums, away from others builds. I’ve always wanted this car to be something unique and different from everyone else. Back in 2014, eight thousand miles after I bought the car, I supercharged and widebodied it. Two things that almost no one else was doing at the time. I’d like to think that I helped pave the way for more and more widebodied cars to come into the car scene. My BRZ went from being my dedicated daily, to a dedicated show car, to now, a dedicated track car. I’ve done track days here and there with it but want to start scheduling more and more track days in the near future.
Intended Use of Vehicle
Track car
Social Media
Future Plans
More track days
ISC Products
N1 coilovers, rear lower control arms, rear toe arms, front control arm braces