A friend of mine bought a 2000 2.5RS coupe back in the 2009-2010 era and began to do a JDM STi swap in it. I wasen’t around for when he was doing the swap but I remember vividly him coming to my parents house and taking me for a ride in it and I remember being blown away with how quick it was. Fast forward a few years later and I bought a 2004 STi and loved that car to death. I pretty much learned how to work on cars from tinkering with that car. Eventually I got rid of that car and went through a list of more “practical” daily drivers knowing that one day I would have loved to have my own STi swapped Impreza coupe. Years went by, a couple Impreza coupes I owned came and went but I couldn’t find the right one to make my dream car out of.
Then COVID hit, I remember being up at my shop with a buddy of mine grilling food and talking about cars. I remember saying to him that I would love to find a white Impreza coupe and do a full STi swap in it, widebody, the whole nine yards. That night when I was driving home, a friend I haven’t talked to in years text me asking if I knew anymore interested in a white 2.5RS coupe. I quickly snatched the coupe up but realized that the chassis was going to be too far gone to try and save. Then I went on the hunt for a “clean” chassis coupe. Almost a year later I found a red Impreza L coupe, pre facelift dash, crank windows, automatic BUT the chassis was clean for the most part, at least I thought… And then I started collecting parts!
About a year of slowly researching what type of build I was going to do, ordering parts from Japan, the UK, Australia and Subaru of America, I began to think I had pretty much everything I needed to get started on this journey.
It has taken me about a year to go from a complete running and driving granny mobile to my FULLY refreshed and rebuilt WRC dream Impreza coupe. I didn’t let the OG white coupe go to waste though. I used the whole RS interior to give the dash/ interior a HUGE upgrade. Now, when I drive this car, the interior gives me the memory of that first drive I got in my buddies STi swapped coupe from all those years ago.
Plus side is that he still has his swapped coupe, so now we both get to cruise around together in both of our cars.
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Loaded ISC N1 coilovers with Triple S springs