Modification List
  • TPC Stage 2 modified turbo, Tomei Expreme Ti catback exhaust, UniqPerformance downpipe/testpipe, ISR o2 housing, HKS bov, tuned by AlphaSpeed, 18” ESR AP6 Wheels, ISC Suspension N1 Coilovers, Carbon fiber hood/fenders/front lip/rear GT spoiler (Vis Racing, UniqPerformance, and ABS Dynamics)
The day I decided to buy the Genesis coupe, I wanted to do something different from other cars I’ve built or helped put together. I wanted to share my build stories, installs, car adventures, and race track days with the community. I ended up starting a company called AlphaGen Performance and Apparel based around this idea!
Now I use my social media platform to help others in the car community, whether it be inspiration, helping source car parts, tuning options, or sharing knowledge with their own builds.
Currently I want to get to my 450-500hp goal and continue enjoying the Genesis for many more track days to come!
Intended Use of Vehicle
Track, Shows/Events
Social Media
Instagram: @alphagenperformance Facebook: AlphaGen Performance and Apparel YouTube:
Future Plans
This year: Break in the new race engine, water/meth injection, larger injectors,/fuel pump, and retune for new setup! Later in the season: Continue to buy more parts to put together my larger top mount turbo setup for the next year..
ISC Products
ISC Suspension N1 Coilovers