photos by @twentythreenineteen (Thomas Seabury)


Modification List
  • Isc suspension n1 coilovers
  • Toyo Tires R888RR
  • Stillen supercharger
  • Stillen oil cooler
  • Bride Seats
  • Momo Steering wheel
  • Top secret oil cap
  • Stillen sway bar kit
  • PowerHouse Amuse Bodykit
  • CSF aluminum Radiator
My story is simple I am originally from Philly and relocated to California and started over in 2014. Back then I was looking for a strong platform to start off with and I found my nissan 370z. I was used to doing drag racing and time attack events, so with that said I was in search of reputable companies that I could partner with to help me build my car. I had a vision in my mind and only I could see it, until I made it a reality to share with the world. In the beginning many companies turned me down even going as far as saying “the 370Z is too old and everything has been done already.” That’s when I found the best suspension/coilover company to partner with ISC Suspension. ISC was one of my first sponsors who supported the build. ISC understood my build needs and set me up with a set of their N1 Style 32-way fully adjustable Coilovers with custom valving and spring rates. I added The Stillen Vortech SuperCharger which made 440whp & 340wtq utilizing uprev management installed and tuned by Rob Fuller of ZCarGarage. I would soon import at that time #7 of 10 Authentic PowerHouse Amuse full body kit and have it installed and painted. I would then go on to participate in some of the most decorated events on the westcoast and place in shows from 1st to top 20 in events that had over 500 cars or more. I even had the opportunity to have Formula Drift Champion Chris Forsberg sign my Dash. The Amuse Z has been recognized on an national and international level being featured numerous times in Superstreet Magazine most notably being invited to be in the Superstreet X Toyo Tires Final Calendar in 2020 and The Cover car feature for Dsport Magazine’s Sema issue as well as being featured on Matt Farrah’s YouTube channel The Smoking Tire. In conclusion many things have already been done to the 370Z platform, however now, it has been done my way. I give many thanks to ISC Suspension for taking a chance on me in the beginning when no other companies would. Now here we are a built 370Z and my newest build the first ISC Suspension Nissan GTR R35. I would like to thank all of my current sponsors ISC, Toyo Tires, SocalZ, Stillen, CSF, Recaro, R1 Titan formerly known as Powerhouse Amuse, Rockford Fosgate, Momo, NeoChrome Parts and anyone else I couldn’t list here.
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