Modification List
  • 2867r gen1 turbo,radium 4 port aux fuel, injector dynamics 1050x port injectors, tial 38mm ewg, custom dump tube, custom side exit exhaust, self made aero, rear diffuser,side skirts, hood vents,front splitter , window vents, custom 1of 1 canards , customer fog lights,monster service widebody kit massive speed system strut bars, massive speed system harness bar, Nrg prism seats, custom dash, custom 4” intake, minor wire tuck, tuned by Alan jackson at edge auto sports, full e85 435whp/440 wtq completion clutch 6 puck clutch, ISC n1 track coilovers ,basically anything you can do to the car I did it minus the internals are still stock
Bought the car brand new off the showroom back in 2018, I told my self just “exhaust and a intake that’s it” called the warranty company to remove the warranty I had on the car because at 7k miles it was fully built on big turbo, and here we are fully built minus the engine never being opened, widebody full e85 makes all the right noises and I don’t regret anything. Lots of trial and error on pieces I hand made for my car to try and stick out from the rest of the focus community and was prepared for people to hate it , but I love the look I pulled off with it, it gets tons of looks and people think it’s crazy when I tell them it’s just a ford focus st. I built all of this out of my garage and I’m super proud of it and how far it has came
Intended Use of Vehicle
Was just supposed to be a new gas saver daily
Social Media
Instagram is grimme_st
Future Plans
Pull the motor and build it for 600whp just want a fun street car
ISC Products
ISC n1 track coilovers