ISC Suspension has an industry leading 5 year warranty on the majority of the products offered. Customer support is taken very seriously and we enjoy having a reputation for being a boutique suspension brand backed by a small company that cares about the customer’s satisfaction and our product’s reputation and quality in the industry.

We have implemented some simple steps and policies that allow us to make the best use of your time and the data you provide us. All of this will take you about 5 minutes, so it is well worth it for both parties involved.


Step 1: For Customer Support

So, for a simple customer support inquiry (and you are not sure if it will be covered under warranty or not) fill out and submit this form (please fill it out FULLY):


Before submitting check out the trouble shooting FAQ’s we have on that page as well, they may prove to be helpful and solve your issue.

Filling out this form will submit your support ticket in the order of which it was received and a representative will contact you within 24-48 hours, often times before that as well. We will contact you by email or phone.

Simple as that, you are done and we will be in contact with you soon!


Step 2: If you feel it is warranty related (optional but if you are filing a warranty claim you must fill this out)

If you feel your issue is warranty related, also fill out this form and email it to [email protected]. It is titled warranty claim form, found in the middle of the page, click the link and open the file. (You need to also complete Step 1 as well in addition to Step 2 If you are looking to do a warranty claim).

Note: After reviewing the Step 1 Customer Support Ticket and WE feel it is warranty related, we will ask you to complete Step 2 for us and submit the form from the above link if you did not do so already.


Note: To utilize our warranty you MUST register the product at time of purchase which is on the link provided above, it is at the bottom of the page!

Any questions let us know

Thank you