ISC V2 Coilovers for N1 & Basic Coilovers

Over the past 11+ years we have gathered feedback from our ISC N1 and Basic coilovers; on the street, on the track, and everywhere in between. From customer feedback, motorsports abuse, and in house project car testing; our product development team was hard at work in the background at ISC. We are excited to officially offer the ISC V2 coilovers series for our N1 and Basic coilover kits! Below are a few of the detailed changes we have made to our ISC V2 Coilovers N1 and Basic lineup.


New V2 Thrust Bearings

Our new V2 thrust bearings which come standard on N1 coilover kits that include camber plates are completely redesigned. These V2 thrust bearings feature a fully sealed /self lubricated¬† Japanese bearing, making them virtually maintenance free. You no longer have to grease your thrust bearings once a year to prevent spring bind! Another benefit to this redesign is a significantly lower stack height, which yields the ability to shorten the “eye to eye” length of your coilovers more than our prior generation of coilovers. In short, that means “more low” if you want it (check application guide to see if your vehicle is compatible with this feature).

ISC V2 Thrust Bearings

Updated Endlinks

When necessary, some of our coilover kits include endlinks. We have updated our endlinks with an improved protective coating, and more of an adjustment range for models that call for a varied length (check application guide to reference whether or not your kit includes them).


Isolator Pads

Our new revised hardened spring perch isolator pads reduce friction, allowing for more efficient preload adjustment and a longer product lifespan.

ISC Isolator Pads


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