We have released another new product in our ISC lineup. Our latest addition is the BRZ front control arm brace. The purpose of this brace is to help reduce flex compared to the cheap OEM stamped steel front control arms that come stock from the factory on BRZs. These are not only good for modified BRZs but also useful for a stock setup as well. Each brace is made with 6061 aluminum and a gold anodized finish.

Subaru BRZ Control Arm Brace

Often times with old or weak (OEM) braces you will notice loose disconnected steering when accelerating, braking, or even when going over uneven surfaces like bumps. The OEM braces flex when steering due to their weak stamped steel. Ultimately your car will perform better and stay planted to the road with our upgraded control arm braces. These braces will create a stronger downward force on your tires which ultimately provides a better driving experience.