Most Common Coilover Misconceptions

by Shane Bryan


  1. Like OEM struts, I Don’t Have to Maintain my Adjustable Coilovers
  2. False.This is one of the most common coilover misconceptions. It is recommended to service or check your coilover set annually. Unlike OEM struts, the shock bodies on coilovers are threaded and have more moving parts than standard struts. Anti-seize and corrosion protective lubricant utilization on threaded areas such as locking collars, shock bodies, and lower mounts is key to a lifetime of easy adjustment. It is common for untreated or ill maintained coilovers to seize. ISC offers neoprene coilover covers to protect your investment from the harsh elements of snow, salt, mud, dust and road debris. If you need your ISC coilovers serviced, or want an overall inspection of your coilovers, we offer rebuild and part replacement services. Head over to to learn more.


  3. My Coilovers Came out of the Box and are Much Shorter than my OEM Struts. No way These are for My Car!
  4. Good news; the coilovers you have are more than likely for your car! Your vehicle’s original equipment suspension is designed differently than an adjustable coilover. Traditionally, factory-like coil on spring construction is made for comfort over performance. Your original struts will come with long, soft, usually multi-rate springs that provide more droop (down travel) and compression (up travel). This creates a comfortable ride, at the expense of having body roll, and an unstable vehicle in performance applications.

    Coilovers, unlike factory struts, have a shorter overall footprint, with a stiffer (and often linear rate) spring that does not provide as much droop or up travel. This creates a suspension that better supports the vehicle. Additionally, it keeps the car planted to the ground and eliminates body roll. Ultimately resulting in a positive input. ISC offers Monotube shock body constriction with a larger piston that creates a more responsive and more reliable ride that fits into a smaller package over a “cheaper”, twin tube damper with a smaller piston.


  5. Coilovers Will Make my Ride Softer than OEM, Giving me a “Cloud Like” Ride.
  6. While more performance oriented, coilovers may not yield what some people prioritize. They are a great upgrade for people looking to increase handling, drop ride height, and sporty handling characteristics. They may not be the best option if you are rough on potholes and want suspension that will neutralize hits. ISC offers a line of OEM style lowering springs to pair with OEM style struts to bridge this gap. These provide a fixed subtle drop, while still maintaining a ride that echoes the personality of a stock setup.


  7. Coilovers Will Give me a Harsh Ride.
  8. Out of all coilover misconceptions, this is a popular one. While coilovers may not absorb big pot holes like stock suspension, you likely will experience a better overall ride quality. Coilovers will provide supportive and firm traits, while still maintaining a level of comfort that is suitable for daily driving. Coilovers will give you a sense of firm confidence on the road, eliminating the relaxed, loose, sponge like characteristics exemplified by original equipment. While some coilovers do not have adjustable damping, ISC suspension offers track and a sport series that each feature 32 clicks of adjustability to fine tune your ride. No matter If you prefer a sporty and aggressive track feel or a more tame street style, ISC provides options to fit every need.

    Some coilovers rely on changing the preload on the spring to change height. ISC coilovers have the ability to adjust ride height without adjusting the spring, which gives you the ability to customize the ride height you want without changing ride quality.


  9. I Have to Take my Coilovers off to Adjust Ride Height, what a Pain!
  10. False, ISC suspension coilovers can be adjusted on your vehicle! To make adjustments, you need to have your vehicle on a lift, or supported on jack stands with the wheels removed. From here, the suspension will be accessible to adjust with the tools that were included with your suspension kit.

    To adjust an ISC type coilover, loosen the bottom collar with the small spanner tool and then use the small or large spanner on the top collars to turn the whole assembly in or out of the bottom mount. Lock the lower collar, and repeat on all corners. For more information on how to adjust a divorced rear ISC coilovers: Adjusting Preload.


  11. My Coilovers are good, but How can I Make Them Better?
  12. If you are rocking the standard steel springs your coilovers came with, upgrade them to a light weight long lasting spring. Our ISC Triple S upgraded coilover springs are a fantastic replacement coil springs for aftermarket coilovers. They reduce the unsprung weight of the vehicle. This keeps the car planted and translates into more traction around corners.

    In everyday application, this means the car reacts to bumps and dips in the road more effectively. The upgraded Triple S springs also have a bigger pitch (distance between coils) that allow for more usable stroke vs. a standard coil spring of the same length and rate. This aids in making the stroke of the suspension smoother. Another advantage of increased pitch is you can run a shorter spring. All while maintaining the available spring stroke of a longer standard coil. This results in an additional reduction to the overall unsprung weight. Finally it will permit more clearance for wider tires and wheels in some applications.

    We hope our 6 most common coilover misconceptions has helped you for your current or future coilover purchase!