New products for 2022 WRX!

2022 Subaru WRX ISC Products

Since Subaru came out with the 2022 WRX, it’s gotten its fair share of hate among the car community. Like most new things, it takes a while for people to get used to it. In the world of automotive enthusiasts, it is quite a harsh place to introduce new things, especially new things that are much different and futuristic. Just like the new supra. It was the most hated car since the pontiac Aztek. But now look at it, one of the most popular cars in the price range, with plenty of aftermarket support. It’s no longer the hated “fake” supra. Same goes with the WRX. sure, it’s certain that it looks different. Strange at first we have to admit (especially stock) but like anything, all it takes is some customization and it completely changes the look of the car. We saw it first hand here at ISC where we got to install our brand new N1 coilover on the 2022 WRX. The car went from mediocre stock car, to OH WOW that looks aggressive. The car came into the shop with a few aero pieces already on the car, so when we lowered it, it looked great! There isn’t much you need to do to make this car look proper. And there’s endless possibilities, paint matched flares, install a previous gen STI wing, plenty of body aero to choose from, it truly is an underdog (for now). The aftermarket support is growing rapidly. It’s easy to point fingers and mock a stock car, but we predict in the next few years, everyone will be wanting one of these because they’ll see the potential for them grow and grow. The updated body, interior, and whole new chassis really makes this car stand out from the last gen. It’s a whole new car! 

2022 WRX
2022 WRX Coilovers

N1 coilover

We are happy to say, we were the first ones to have coilovers available for the 2022 WRX, and luckily, we knew someone who had one local to us to test out, and get hands on with the new chassis! Once we installed our N1 coilovers, this car transformed not only looks wise, but handling wise. The front end feels surprisingly nimble. The suspension takes the bumps like a champ, and basically leaves you saying “oh that wasn’t bad at all”. The steering response is as quick as you could ever want. For a modern car, the feel is actually quite good. It doesn’t feel automated too much like most new cars. But what a difference the N1’s make. Totally eliminating body roll, as well as just handling great in every aspect. We started the dampers at 16 clicks (right in the middle) and honestly felt great right out of the gate, but it’s always nice to have that adjustability in ride quality for different driving conditions and maybe an occasional track day! A big factor of the N1’s as well, is ride height is separate from ride quality. Most cheap coilovers, you really have to crank the spring to determine ride height, and that changes ride quality big time. However with the N1 (as well as our basic’s) you control height from the bottom mount, and the spring preload always stays the same! Guaranteeing the perfect ride no matter what. The difference between the N1 and Basic coilover, the N1 was an adjustable camber plate up top as well as a pillow ball mount to insure you never have any spring bind. Our Basic kit Is the same coilover, minus the camber plate and pillowball. They just have a fixed non adjustable top plate.

Lowering Springs

2022 WRX Lowering springs

Coilovers aren’t the only suspension upgrade we have for the 2022 WRX. We also have a happy medium between stock suspension and full coilovers. These Triple S lowering springs will mount to your OEM struts, they just replace the OEM spring. These will lower your car 15mm in the front, and 18mm in the rear. Giving you a better looking, and a better handling car. These won’t give you the same handling upgrades like a full set of coilovers.. BUT it’s a great budget way to make your car look great, and also improve the handling of your car that extra little bit that’s needed from the factory. These springs can be had for only $299! Making it one of the cheapest and best mods if you’re looking for performance but also looking to save your wallet.

Toe Arms

Adjustable rear control arms / toe arms

If you plan on doing coilovers, especially if you are planning to go super low, we recommend picking up some of our rear control arms. These not only look great, but to get a proper alignment after you lower your car, you’ll need some sort of aftermarket adjustability. These will allow you to dial in your camber settings unlike the stock fixed position arms. Not only do we have camber arms, we also offer ISC toe arms. Just like the control arms, once you lower your car, it’s necessary if you want to be able to correctly align your toe specs. As you lower your car, it toes in quite a bit, so for sake of tire wear and handling, it’s a good idea to go with our control arm/toe arm package. It knocks some money off if you buy them both together, and it’s a really solid upgrade to keep your tires wearing evenly, or even if you want more camber for fitting some wider wheels under the car!

Wheel Spacers

  Wheel Spacers

Using stock wheels, or even wheels that need that extra bump out to the fender to make it look perfect? We offer 15mm,20mm, and 25mm 5×114 spacers for this car. It’s perfect for having the choice of a variety of wheels and being able to space them out accordingly. On the 2022 WRX we put suspension on, we chose a 15mm spacer all around with the stock wheels. This gave the car a much more aggressive look, but not so aggressive that it would rub on the fender plastics. All our spacers are hub centric, so they fit snugly on the hub, and the wheel to ensure your wheel is sitting in the exact center position, and won’t cause any vibrations at all.