This week we have a new brand ambassador named Christopher Phillip! Chris has a Forester XT on ISC coilovers. He’s had the coilovers on his car for awhile now. We asked Chris some of the usual questions we normally ask and got some great photos of his ISC equipped vehicle!

What got you into cars?

I grew up in Barbados, my dad been working on cars since his early teens and naturally I took a strong interest. I’d go home from school and ride my bike to his shop just to help out.

What do you like most about ISC Coilovers?
These isc coilovers bring this chassis to life when I go out for a spirited drive. I also autox the car and the occasional highway race and they perform very well.


What is your favorite mod on your car?
My car currently has a good bit of mods but I’d have to say it’s the suspension for sure.

What are your future plans for the car?
As for future plans, this thing needs a 6spd swap. I just bolted on a Tomei 7960 turbo last weekend and I’m very excited to see how she goes compared to my previous vf43.

What is your one dream car?
I love the R35, I must have one!

What would you say to other people trying to build there cars up?
Build your car for you, forget the scene points and all the other crap. At the end of the day, you’re the one driving it.


Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions Chris! Our brand ambassador program is now open! For more information head over to the sponsorship page or simply send Allen an E-Mail at [email protected].