Hey everyone! As many of our already know we recently opened up a new program called the Brand Ambassador program for individuals who have ISC Coilovers and want to represent our company in a positive way. The idea stems from Street Marketing or Street Teams; A street team is a term used in marketing to describe a group of people who ‘hit the streets’ promoting an event or a product. Rather than hitting the streets though our brand ambassadors are hitting the road! With hundreds of show’s every year there is no way ISC can make it to all of them, but with a good team we can be represented well at each of these events!

The program also allows individuals to get experience in marketing a product which is major for individuals who are looking to eventually get a sponsorship. Companies will ask who you have promoted for in the past, and being able to say you’ve promoted for an actual company that is recognized in the industry will be a huge plus!

One of the other benefits of this program is that we will write a blog post on you and your vehicle. We interview each individual via e-mail and also obtain high res photos. Our first BA is Brandon Kone!


ISC Suspension: What got you into cars?
Brandon Kone: I feel like what usually happens is that people love cars from a younger age, but for me it wasn’t something I even cared about until I was 17 years old. I remember seeing a white STI hatch one night at a Cafe Rio and knew I had to have one. But little did I know, cars would turn into something that not only occupied all my time and spent all my money, but it was also a stress reliever and something I could always be doing more to. Always in the pursuit of perfection of my passion. What started out as something as simple as some mudflaps and wheels, has turned into a slammed and widebody built car that I’ve pour my heart and soul into.

ISC Suspension: What do you like most about ISC Coilovers?
Brandon Kone: I teamed up with ISC about a month ago and they have been nothing but helpful to me and all of my questions. I’ve been on their ISC N1 coilovers for about a month now and I must say I am very impressed. I was coming from the cheaper side of coilovers (teins) and I wasn’t too sure what to expect. But the best way I’ve been able to describe them that they are like memory foam; its soft, but stiff, with just the right about of give when you hit bumps. They give me the ride height I want, with the ‘functionality’ I want. I can’t say I’d ever give them up.

ISC Suspension: What is your one dream car?
Brandon Kone: I’ve always wanted a Mclaren P1, I still have yet to see one in person. But every picture I’ve seen makes me love them more and more.
ISC Suspension: What would you say to other people trying to build there cars up?
Brandon Kone: To anyone building their car, do you. There’s too much pressure to do what everyone else does and what the ‘normal’ build is supposed to be like. After all, it’s your car, your time, your money, your passion.
Thanks Brandon! We appreciate your time!
For more information on our Brand Ambassador program visit http://iscuspension-na.com/BA