This past weekend I (Allen) had the opportunity to spend some time with one of our recent sponsored driver Tuan Nguyen. Tuan currently drives a Subaru Impreza L that has been converted to Rear Wheel Drive. Needless to say the car rips, and I had a blast riding along with him. This was my first club loose event, and I promise you it won’t be my last either!

After attending Formula D, myself and the ISC team have really started to fall in love with the sport. We always thought Drifting was cool, but most of us haven’t had the ability to get out to an event or even see drifting in person. Here are some photos of Tuan, the young individual we sponsor. Tuan was in B class, and hopefully he will be in A class soon!

Tuan 1

Tuan 2

It’s surprising that I haven’t been to an event yet because as anyone who works with me will tell you, I am addicted to Initial D and always thought drifting was the coolest thing around.

I was joined that day by Dan Smith. Dan has been friends with some of the people running the Club Loose event as well as some of the drifters there. He took a ride along with his friend Ben. Ben was riding in a Miata, and broke loose quite a few times.

Dan's Friend

This was really one of the best events that we’ve attended. It was odd being there after being at Formula D only a few weeks before, but I enjoyed it fully! Everyone seemed very close and people seemed to be having a great time! It was also nice to see the event happening at New Hampshire Motor Speedway which is so close to our base of operations!

Dan's Friend 2

All in all, an amazing day! 10/10 would do again! Thanks for reading and keep an eye out for ISC Suspension attending more Drift events soon! If you see me feel free to say hello! I’m the one always fiddling with my damn Camera bag! Check out Club Loose here: Club Loose