ISC Suspension has been in the USA for about 4 years, and has circulated around Asia, Australia, and parts of Europe for over a decade. ISC Suspension North America is proud of our accomplishments thus far. We have built this brand here in the US based on customer service and knowledge of the industry. We pride ourselves in our customer support, always thriving to go that extra mile for customers that are appreciative and respectful. Being a small company here in the US, you are going to run into many road blocks. We have worked through those and are hoping its smooth sailing from here on out (we won’t hold our breath though).

As ISC suspension NA we work hard on catering to everyone’s individual needs. We do our best to work through the problem and to be as attentive as possible. There are always going to be those high maintenance customers who will never be satisfied and will always have something to complain about. Although, in my few months here at ISC suspension I have come across a vast amount of appreciate and respectful returning customers. It’s nice to hear the positive things once in awhile. So, if you have had a good experience with ISC and are a supporter of the product, just write a small blurb to show your appreciation for the product and service. We would be happy to send you ISC SUSPENSION decals as well, just email us your address and desired color (White, gold and yellow) to [email protected]

Here are a few quotes from some satisfied customers over the past few weeks:

Erik wrote:

“Again, thank you for such outstanding support through this. I am thoroughly impressed with the level of service I have received as well as the quality of the product themselves”

Adam wrote:

“Love the coils overall, I’ve been recommending them to everyone… Thanks!”

Mike wrote:

“really appreciate the help and customer service you’ve given me”

Just a few moments of your time goes a long way. Send us some feedback, post on our FB wall or here on our website. Most consumers read reviews before committing to a product or service, help ISC grow!