ISC started as a Subaru brand, and has evolved into mostly all European and Japanese markets. When ISC started, the owner was Subaru driven and focused on building the company around personal interest. Subaru was the comfort zone and the most familiar industry. Subaru has opened the door for numerous opportunities in the coilover market for ISC. ISC has learned the dynamics of all cars and has adapted to all markets individual needs.

ISC Suspension attended Water fest 2013, this was a new experience for ISC. We were very pleased with the interest everyone showed in our product. We were able to market ourselves to those that had no idea about us and our products. Most consumers were astonished by the capabilities and price point of the ISC coilover. ISC is pleased to provide a fully adjustable coilover at a low price compared to competitors products. ISC prides itself in affordability, customer care and quality. ISC may still be maturing in the US, but we are here to stay!