Hello everyone, the last time we talked about Clubloose North was before we attended their HIN crossover. The event was a blast and was successful for New Hampshire Motor Speedway and ISC Suspension. There were tons of show cars, drift cars, drift missiles, and even some motorcycles and stock cars. It was refreshing to see so many different types of vehicles at an event like this.


This RX7 won best Mazda!


All different types of cars were at the event, including some good old fashioned American audio modded cars.


There were a lot of Acuras and Hondas done up the right way!


Including this S2000!


This Subaru was the epitome of the “Stanced” Subarus at the event.

The other half of the event was dedicated to drifting. Clubloose for the first time had access to the actual inside track and it was a super high speed section. Ryan Tuerck was there with his White FRS and he was also accompanied by other pros like Bob Patinka. The fans went wild for Ryan’s crazy entry into the first corner and at one point he was clocked at 130 MPH!


Ryan’s entries showed us why he is a Pro!


Ryan was always accompanied by a cloud of smoke!



Bob Patinka was right behind Ryan multiple times, they did some 3 way tandems as well


Smoke, smoke, and more smoke!


The crowd loves Ryan!

While Ryan and most of the A group drivers drifted we had the opportunity to get some good runs in with the BRZ. Clubloose sold the most ride along tickets that it ever has at this event so we were able to give a lot of people seat time in the BRZ as Andrew got back into the swing of things. We had lots of questions asked and Allen got to cart back and forth on his Mountain Bike from the Clubloose Track to the NHMS track. Meryl and Kyle held down the fort at the booth and got to interact with tons of people from different backgrounds. All an all we had a blast!


Andrew got to put a lot of smiles on people faces!


The BRZ has been doing a geart job of making smoke these past few events. Different tires make a big difference!

We will be at another Clubloose event this weekend! Please come by the booth and say hello!