ISC Suspension is always trying to offer the best service for it’s customers! ISC Suspension is now offering Shock Dyno services and a whole new suite of rebuild services ranging from packages from the daily driven car to the weekend track vehicle. ISC is currently offer 4 packages, a, b,c, and d.

Package A:
Shock Dyno- $30.00 per corner
1) You send us your stripped down shaft to Dyno.
2) We can also Shock Dyno your brand new set before they ship and include the results with the coilovers!

This package is ideal for any customer who is only looking to have their coilover shock dyno’d. This is a good thing to have if you are trying to ensure that all shocks are valved the same way and working to the best of their ability.

Coilover Rebuild with Dyno Service (includes a NEW Default Custom Valved shaft of your choice) –
We disassemble and reassemble your existing
Coilover components onto the new shaft and then Dyno for $130.00 per corner.

Service Includes:
Brand New Shaft (using default custom option of your choice)
Full cleaning of coilovers
Full disassembly and reassembly
Dyno results of each
Anti-Seize application
Full inspection of bolt on parts (and replacement of what is needed, additional parts not included in price listed above ) Parts Pricing-!/~/category/id=6686589&offset=0&sort=normal

This package is the most popular and offers one of the best values. This is great for individuals who have a set of ISC’s and need them rebuilt because it provides the customer with a new foundation or base, to get their coilovers dialed in for autocross or track.

Package C:
Custom AMF Coilover re-valve (using a non default custom valved shaft) with Dyno Service- email or Call for quote. Please fill out AMF work order form Below:

Service Includes:
Cleaning of Coilovers
Optional Piston Upgrades (linear or Digressive)
New Valves/ Revalve To Custom Spec
New Amsoil Oil
Nitrogen Recharge
Replace Seals /Any Other Needed Components
Shock Dyno Each Damper (results provided)

Please allow a 2 week lead time for this service.

This package is perfect and ideal for an individual that has a dedicated track setup. Individuals who track their cars on a weekly basis know how important it is to have a good suspension setup. Our AMF division can get your coilovers to where you need them to be and help set you up so that you are the one coming in first place. AMF has worked with companies such as Bilstein and Ohlins for almost 50 years!

Package D:
General Rebuild Service (No Shock Dyno Service):

If a rebuild is needed and deemed not covered by warranty or simply your warranty is no longer valid, parts and labor charges will occur. If you do not need or want shock dyno services this is the most economical package. Send your coilovers to us with the below form filled out if you would like us to perform the rebuild service, standard labor rates apply (75.00 per hour).

Link to Replacement Parts for pricing reference: Replacment Parts

Package D is best suited for budget minded individuals. Some people will not need a shock dyno of their coilovers and may only require the professional maintenance that ISC Suspension can offer. If this is the case then this package is perfect for you!

These are the primary packages that ISC Suspension offers but we also offer other in house services as well such as the following:

Suspension Installations

Wheel fitment and fender rolling

+ More

These services can help you achieve the perfect wheel fitment and form. All of these services can be found on a new dedicated website page right here:

Give us a call and talk with our highly knowledgeable staff who are ready to assist you!