ISC Suspension is proud to announce that is has opened a second facility for distribution, warehousing, and office space. Out new facility houses a large warehouse space, and 3 offices for our front end employees. The old Facility at Unit 10 will now contain a more aggressive installation center with 2 bays. We’re excited to be expanding the facility and changing the way that we operate. Below you will find some photos of the transition from the move to our new facility.


The facility began it’s life as a radio station. The station had three main offices upstairs for radio DJ’s and cubicles downstairs. We didn’t need the cubicle section, or the secondary room that was near the garage door so we opted to have it all torn down including the ceiling that you can see in the photo.


It took a couple days for the construction to be done, and as you can see in the photo above the false ceiling and the wall blocking the door has been removed. This is what became the primary distribution floor for ISC Suspension.


This photo was taken after the finishing work and the paint was accomplished, this is take from the bay looking in. As you can see, the upstairs has three sections while the downstairs has been cleared of almost everything. The ceiling was painted white, and the walls finished and painted.


We had to rent a huge dumpster to get rid of all of the excessive material that was torn down!


After a long few weeks of construction the new facility was finally finished. With a bright blue floor, we were ready to move in! Fast forward a week later, and now we are here. The facility is still coming together slowly but surely. The pallet shelving is now up and our coilover inventory is stocked on the shelves. Pallets of Control Arms, Wheel Spacers, and other goodies are here ready to ship!





Welcome to ISC Suspension-NA’s new distribution facility! We look forward to being able to provide you all with even better service than we already do! If you are local feel free to stop by and we can give you a tour!