ISC Suspension-NA started with Andrew J. Wallace and a whole lot of Subarus. Over the years, tastes change, and the desire for a different type of vehicle can become desired. This is what Andrew wanted and envisioned, a rear-wheel drive sports car with heart.

The ISC Suspension Lexus IS F is not for the faint of heart. Coming in at almost 500 RWP the IS F is a monster. The Car is fitted in Matador Red, a color that only shows it’s true vibrancy when it’s in the sunlight fully exposed.


The IS F is luxurious enough that it doesn’t draw attention, yet sporty enough to school almost any other daily driver on the street. A first gear pull brings the motor up to 8K and sucks you into the seat. The hydraulic steering wheels keeps the steering tight and precise as the RPM rise.

In the tradition of providing the best publicity for his Sponsors, Andrew proudly displays AutoTecknic’s Front Splitters, Wald’s rear carbon fiber diffuser and trunk lid and SSR Wheels.

The Carbon Fiber front splitters give the front end an added look of aggression that the car was previously lacking. The trunk lid has been repainted and matched with the Matador Red color of the car itself, providing a subtle look at the carbon that hides underneath. The trunk lid draws the attention to the rear of the vehicle and creates subtle body lines that accentuate the side profile of the car. The rear diffuser draws your attention into the full titanium exhaust crafted by GReddy for the IS F. The exhaust is also a full dual tip system utilizing individual pipes for each exhaust outlet to provide maximum power and flow.


To bring the whole car together Andrew took the opportunity to perfect ISC Suspension’s already great coilover system for the ISF. Outfitted with 14K/10K springs to ensure the car stays firmly planted on the ground when cornering and provides the perfect stance for the IS F, completing its combination of race and luxury looks.

Last but not certainly not least are the SSR CV03 Wheels, the first in the United States. The CV03 comes from the Executor line, and are staggered on the vehicle to ensure the rear gets enough grip. 19X9 in the front, and 19X10.5 in the rear. The wheels were handled with care by Kaizen Tuning in Massachusetts; a company that normally deals with GTRs.

ISF 10

The Lexus IS F has a proud heritage, with the new RC F now on the streets, and the RC 350 also coming out this year. Remember the heritage, remember the IS F.

Special thanks to SSR, AutoTecknic, and ISC Suspension. Photography done by Collin Stankard and Allen Nancarrow.

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