Project: ISC-BRZ

16 January, 2015

ISC Suspension has been developing products for the new BRZ and FRS Platform for the past 2 years. We have finally decided that it is time to build a BRZ that will serve as an everymans vehicle. We pride ourselves on creating products that are affordable, and competitive and we would like our BRZ to encompass the same overall design. The ISC-BRZ will be a competitive autocross, track, and amateur drift vehicle and will be used for future product development as well as putting our suspension products to the ultimate test.


[embedvideo type=”youtube” id=”vT5dJBGei-E”]

21 January, 2015

We threw the BRZ on the alignment rack today so that we would be able to get a solid baseline of how the car felt. We also got a good peek on the undercarriage of the vehicle, which was very clean. We would expect no less from a newer vehicle. The car also got registered today and will be departing on a trip to get some measurements for future projects. A bath will also be in order soon!




For future updates, check out http://iscsuspension/project-isc-brz you can also see all our available BRZ products below:


Wheel Spacers:!/ISC-5×100-Black-Hub-Centric-Wheel-Spacers-Pair-25mm/p/36710415/category=10697663!/ISC-5×114-Black-Hub-Centric-Wheel-Spacers-Pair-15mm/p/36710418/category=10697663

Wheel Adapters:!/ISC-5×100-to-5×114-Wheel-Adapters-Black-15mm-25mm/p/28352757/category=10697666!/ISC-5×100-to-5×114-Wheel-Adapters-Gold-15mm-25mm/p/28352759/category=10697666

Rear Control Arms:!/ISC-Rear-Adjustable-Control-Arms-V2/p/28352614/category=6686569

Front Control Arms: COMING SOON