Allen, Andrew, Tim, Justin, and Tom Loo got a chance to visit The Subaru Shop this past weekend for their grand opening. While The Subaru Shop has been around for over a year they have not offically opened to the public. They are now complete, and ready to go! The Subaru shop had multiple technicians and all sorts of different Subarus. At the forefront of the shop is Jay Perry, who owns PerryTuned. Jay is a formidable Engine Builder and mechanic who currently has a STi that is running 9s.

AJW Performance fans may recall Jay Perry from the Kendick Wareham Shop. Jay previously used to do a majority of our tuning along with Bren from Bren Tuning.

The Subaru Shop now has a full dyno setup for proper tuning of many different automotive vehicles. At their opening they were doing Dyno Pulls for $50 and had a really good turnout. Jay had his wives new 2015 STi on display, as well as his 2005 STi that is a track monster!

The day started out like any other great day, cruising with friends!




Once we got to the Subaru shop, I was immediatly drawn Jay’s wife’s 2015 STi. It was clean, and one of the only ones I have seen in person so far.



His an His ^(^_^)^

The dyno setup looked really good, and all of the Subaru Shop’s cars looked great as well some of the cleanest Subaru’s I have ever seen there!






By the end of the day we even got the ISF onto the dyno! It made an impressive 325 to the wheels on the heartbreak Mustang Dyno, now we have to order her some heads and a new intake and then compare afterwards!


We’d like to thank The Subaru Shop for allowing us to have a good time with them and for testing out the ISF for us. If you are in the Tiverton Rhode Island area, stop by and say hello!