Is the word Coilover new to you? Confused on whether the product is worth the money, time and effort? Well, if you are questioning it, and wondering if coilovers will best suite you and your needs, you’ve come to the right place.

A brief history of how “Coilovers” received their name. The word “Coilovers” is derived from the coil over shock engineering. This simply explains that all coilovers are designed with the spring surrounding the shock creating an integrated element. Coilovers were originally designed and used in the racing industry and have evolved into almost all markets, but still convey the performance, adjustability and rebound aspects of the original use. Coilovers have become more and more popular on street cars and are used not only for performance but for ride height adjustability also.

You do not have to be a race enthusiast to buy Coilovers, Coilovers are designed currently for an average daily driver looking for better all around performance, ride height and adjustment. .. ISC Suspension is an excellent alternative to your stock struts. ISC provides one of the most affordable, adjustable and performance coilovers on the market. There are numerous coilover companies saturating the market and capitalizing in the coilover market. Most consumers will almost always follow a trend, and this is where your marketing and advertising are key. You need to know the ins and outs of your target market to achieve productivity within the desired market. ISC Coilovers provide almost an effortless “set it and forget it” attitude. If you adjust preload and height correctly the first time, you will have a flawless ride. Here at ISC Suspension we thrive off providing an excellent product and service. Check out our new products!