This Wicked Big Meet was in short… AMAZING! While there were some up and downs as with any meet the overall feel and impression we got from our customers was great! We got to meet a lot of new people and interact with some great sponsors and loyal fans!

The Wicked Big Meet (WBM) experience began with the trip to CT which wouldn’t have been complete without a few small issues. Before we get to the issues though let’s talk about the good things. This WBM was by far the best outcome we have ever had. We had a great and knowledgeable team that worked with us and we managed to have a wonderful time. Sometimes shows can be work, since… well they are indeed work! WBM though every year goes by so fast because all of our employees really enjoy working the event. The people that host it are great and the other vendors are amazing people to work with. Everyone is always in high spirits and we can’t wait till next year. Alright though, lets move onto the issues!

Dan Smith

The first issue we encountered was a blown tire on the ISC Trailer. Thankfully our knowledgeable CDL equipped sponsor Dan Smith was there to help us get the trailer back on the road ASAP.


We weren’t out of the woods yet though, the tire of the other side of the Trailer was looking a little bubbled out so the team took a pit stop to a local tire place in Haverhill Massachusetts. They took good care of us an were able to replace the blown tire in about 10 minutes. This was probably the quickest I have even seen a tire mounted, we were really thankful! We replaced the space with the new tire and had the tire professionals take a peek at the other one. They assured us that we were good to go! We packed back into our vehicles and headed back out on the open road towards CT.

It took us another hour and half before we made it to Stafford Springs and we arrived right in time to drop the truck and the trailer off before we headed out to the hotel. It was bizarre seeing the speedway without any other vendors there, it seemed so open. We all knew it was going to be pretty packed though since this WBM was going to be the biggest ever!


At this point it had already been an eventful day with everything that had gone on. We dumped the track and trailer and took off towards the hotel. Everyone was ready to get to the hotel and sit down and relax in the cool ac for a few minutes.

We all met downstairs about an hour later to embark on the great journey for Dinner. There was a restaurant/bar that was going to host the Vendor Social later on that evening. It seemed to be most likely the only good option for refreshments and dinner so we walked that way. Thankfully it was close, literally a walk down the road actually. We got there, had some good food, made some new friends and had a lot of good laughs. We had a late night and prepared ourselves for an early morning.

We got up for an early 630am departure time towards WBM. The hotel was packed with vendors and everyone was out an about preparing their cars and getting ready for the trip there.

This was, for me (Allen) my first experience of being at Wicked Big Meet (WBM) as a full Media Manager and it was almost a bit overwhelming. I have been to WBM in the past as a worker and as a normal Joe, but not yet as a Media Manager. I paired myself up with our part time photographer Jorel Challenger who assisted me in getting some of the amazing shots and footage that I didn’t quite have the eye for yet.

When we got to the meet bright and early Jorel and I assisted in setting up the booth for a short period of time and then headed out to try and get some early shots of the booth cars at various other vendors across the meet. We took hundreds of photographs and got some really nice shots. We also got a lot of good video footage which helped me in being able to create our WBM montage video. This can be seen below.

The event was long and tiring, but very rewarding. As I said earlier the photos that we got combined with the new customer interactions that we got really meant a lot to us. We also got to really interact with our employees more and spent some time with them. Here are some of the highlight shots that we got from the trip.

Alan Miller 1

Alan Miller 3





We’d like to give a big thank you to all of our employees and Sponsors for all their assistance! Shout outs to Jorel, Justin, Hillary, Sam, Jon, John, Alan, Amanda, Josh, Sean, Laurel, and Tim! Also big thanks to our vendors that attended and worked with us! We look forward to next year and can’t wait to see everyone next year!