Who is excited for Wicked Big Track Day? We sure hope ISC Suspension fans are! We recently started a campaign to get some interest in individuals running ISC N1 or Basic coilovers on their vehicles. The goal here is to get people to run their cars so they can see the actual benefit on the track! We are going to have 3 cars running at the event. The drivers names are Justin DuPont, Tom Piplinski, and one drivers that we haven’t decided on yet.

Wicked Big Track Day

We already know that our products can withstand track abuse. We currently sponsor Jeremy Lowe a full time drifter as well as an amateur drifter named Tuan. Both of these drivers currently run our coilovers and have had zero issues when it comes to longevity. Jeremy is currently in third place for Formula D Pro 2 and will be drifting again in Round 3 in September.


Tuan 4

ISC Suspension will be offering products at low prices and will repeat the pricing format that was implemented at Wicked Big Meet this year. If you haven’t purchased a set of ISC coilovers then this would be the event to purchase them at. We go out of our way to provide the best deals on coilovers at Wicked events. We have had a lot of support over the past years from Wicked Big Meet and we want to keep providing the Subaru community with great quality products that are innovative and competitively priced. For a full list of our products visit our store here.

We will be out in force at Wicked Big Track Day and we hope to see each and every one of you there! Tickets are still on sale and can be purchased at http://wickedbigtrackday.com/tickets?isc These tickets give you exclusive deals towards ISC products. This gives you the opportunity to really save some money if you can’t purchase the day of the event. ISC Suspension, we’re here for you!