It’s crazy that I am writing this 4 days after the event. The time since Wicked Big Track Day has flown by. Most of this is because of our big move, no ISC employees have managed to get out of the office before 8 or 9pm! There is just so much inventory that has been accrued overtime. Our new facility has many more amenities that we think our customers will enjoy and believe that it will make their lives easier as well as ours.

Anyways, to get back on tropic… Wicked Big Track Day! What a great event, it was awesome to be able to see drivers really go out of their comfort zones and get onto the track. One of our own drivers who is a part time tech for ISC got out there and had a great time.




Setup was fun as always, and there was plenty of windshield banners to go around! Collin Stankard from Beast Coast gave us a hand setting up and worked with myself (Allen) on the photography side of things. Photos are still being edited but you should see some great captures soon! We were also fortunate enough to get Hunter Kelley to take some great shots of the ISF as well! Check Hunter out here. Also take a peek at Collins work here.


Tom Piplinski, one of ISC Suspensions sponsored Autocross drivers also had the chance to participate in the event. Tom unfortunately had to leave due to fueling issues with his vehicle.



ECS Performance was out in full force and had a 2015 WRX and 2015 WRX STi on the track that were both on ISC N1 Coilovers! Both cars performed very well on the track and looked great as well. It was great to see these vehicles really put our coilovers to the test! Lots of work goes into getting the cars setup properly and it was clear that the mechanics at ECS Performance knew what they were doing!



The ECS Performance crew is on our new 2015 WRX/STi N1 coilovers. These can be purchased here.

Overall we had a great day at Thompson Motor Speedway! The team performed well and the cars were all on point! We’re excited for next week and excited to see more track events done by the Wicked Big Meet Crew! If anyone got photos of our team please e-mail us @ [email protected]!