We recently posted a link on our facebook to a very well written Gizmodo article titled “Why are These Massive Cargo Ships trapped at 29 U.S. Ports” (Click title to visit this article) to try and explain the long wait time that many of them have been experiencing. Today I would like to write just a little more on the current situation in LA Port to help people better understand just how much this is effecting ISC Suspension and many other aftermarket automotive manufacturers in the United States.


As many of you already know, our products are made in Taiwan and then shipped via Boat to LA Port in CA. That’s 10,779 KM, or in Miles, 6697. As you can see that’s a huge distance, and it takes time to get the shipment here since they also have to cross the country before they can be sent out. ISC Suspension is based in Gilford, NH and all coilovers for the United States ship from us and go straight to the customer. It takes a few days for the shipment to get from California to New Hampshire, and we take time to inspect each coilover prior to shipping to ensure quality control. This is only one part of the issue though, the primary one being the LA Port strikes.


Essentially the rising issue at LA Port is between the International Longshore and Warehouse Union and the Pacific Maritime Association. Each sides represents a different group. The ILWU representing the Warehouse Dock Workers, and the PMA representing the shipping companies. The CEO of national manufacturers claims that this shutdown is costing $2 Billion a day. That’s a ton, of money and it has come to the point that even President Obama is attempting to intervene.


So why is this effecting my coilovers though? Why can’t you just get them on a train, or plane? I want my product now!

Unfortunately it just isn’t that simple, due to the back up at LA Port other companies are pushing products to other ports. One such port is Boston, the backlog is so immense that is is backing up the other ports trying to get product delivered. Boston is where the current shipment went through, and it took longer than anticipated for the shipment to be released to us. This shipment has most of the back orders that individuals are waiting for. One of our shipments is also coming in through LA Port which could cause issues with us heading straight into busy season.


There is good news in all the bad, there is a light on the horizon! Our shipment was picked up yesterday and is on our way to us as I type this. This shipment took up a whole 18 Wheeler, and will be delivering a massive amount of product. Products should be going out today and tomorrow. It has been a long back-order, but at least it is finally coming to an end.

Check out our Shipping page for an idea of when your coilovers will arrive: https://iscsuspension-na.com/shipping/