BMW X-Drive Coilovers & Suspension.

Many enthusiasts these days are opting for all wheel drive (AWD) over the traditional RWD for their sports cars/sedans. AWD allows for better traction on acceleration and in harsh weather conditions such as snow, sleet, and wet conditions. Unlike many other coilovers brands ISC offers coilover applications for various X-Drive (All Wheel Drive) BMW applications such as the BMW 5 series E60xi, BMW 5 series E61xi, BMW 3 series E9Xxi platforms, and more.

Designing and manufacturing coilovers for BMW X-Drive applications is an entirely different process than for the standard rear wheel drive models. The entire suspension setup is different since the system has to accommodate for a front axle. From the factory the the bump stocks, shocks, and springs are different. The ride height is also 10mm higher on an X-Drive equipped BMW. The X-Drive system is an all time all wheel drive system. In normal conditions power is distributed to the fron/rear axles at 40%/60%. The X-Drive system can distribute 100% power to one axle at any given time depending on weather conditions. When the system detects understeering, power to the front axle is reduced conversely, when the system detects oversteering, more power is directed to the front axle. Dynamic stability control (DSC) is to thank for regulating the system. DSC uses system sensors to monitor various road conditions. DSC also has the ability to brake when there are traction differences detected by the system.

At ISC our design and manufacturing team has worked countless hours to bring ISC X-Drive coilover applications to our X-Drive owners! Now you can find all of our BMW solutions and our X-Drive applications here: BMW Suspension/Coilovers.

In regards to installation, X-Drive suspension does require a different installation process,but we’ve got you covered. Give our X-Drive installation video a watch:

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