ISC Ultra Low.




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For one of our most popular vehicle platforms, we have introduced a kit that will sure to excite the stance and car show scene. We are pleased to announce the introduction of our “Ultra-Low” option to squeeze out every ounce of wheel gap possible while still being static.


What is the difference?

Using specially configured bottom mounts on the rear of the car, you’ll be able to push the car -4.5” form stock. Essentially, the tallest setting with the “Ultra-Low” would be the lowest setting with our traditional bottom mounts. The video below shows the car at “Max” Ultra low height, there is room to go lower. 


Can I convert my current coilovers to Ultra Low?
Good news! Yes, if you currently have a 2008- 2020 WRX or STI with our coilovers installed, you can purchase the required setup to transform your coilovers to ultra lows. The cost will range from $110 to $490 depending on what your needs and wants are (height needs, spring needs, etc..)


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